Authorization for FX at payment institutions

Yesterday (6/29/23) we had an important novelty, with the edition, by Bacen, of Normative Instruction (IN) 397, which amends IN 103/21. This document discloses procedures, documents, deadlines and information necessary for processing authorization requests related to the operation of payment institutions (IP). Read More >>

Fintechs, payment institutions and Apollo 13

By Luciano Fantin As well-documented history tells us, the American Apollo 13 mission, with astronauts Jim Lovell, John Swigert and Fred Haise, suffers a series of misfortunes from the moment an explosion in one of the liquid oxygen tanks aborts the moon … Read More >>

The regulatory burden on payment institutions

As we know, payment institutions (PIs) can take on the following distinct natures, depending on their business model: Electronic currency issuer; Postpaid payment instrument issuer; Acquirer; Payment Transaction Initiator. The Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) has been doing an excellent … Read More >>

The rules of bank correspondents and fintechs

By Manoel Jordão The Central Bank of Brazil (BC) summarizes as financial democratization society’s desire for long-lasting low interest rates, better financial services and the participation of everyone in the market. For that, it maintains the BC# Agenda, a work agenda centered … Read More >>

ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

By Luciano Fantin: This article deals with Enterprise Risk Management and its increased importance in times of crisis. To you who already know what ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) is about, I ask for patience. This text may be basic, but it … Read More >>

Important news on fintechs

By Luciano Fantin – This article deals with the changes introduced by the CMN on 3/26/20 in order to strengthen the credit market of fintechs, due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.   The National Monetary Council (CMN) issued, … Read More >>

A human algorithm

By Luciano Fantin – This article deals with the pressures suffered by executives when dealing with their challenges in companies.   In our consultancy, we have served a wide range of clients, with diverse needs, such as banks, fintechs, electronic payment … Read More >>

The implementation of LCR in Brazil: Resolution 4,401/15

By Luciano Fantin: This article talks about the publication of Resolution 4,401 as of February 2nd 2015 by the National Monetary Council, which regulates the local implementation of the LCR, a new short-term liquidity indicator introduced by Basel III. An … Read More >>

A new regulatory framework for the payment card industry

By Luciano Fantin – This article deals with the new regulatory framework introduced in 2013 for the payment card industry as a whole. A new regulatory framework has been introduced in the Brazilian National Financial System thorough the Monetary Council … Read More >>

New products: A more detailed view on governance

This article touched upon the introduction of new products with some more details, in a complement to my previous article as of April 2013. In the last article that I wrote about this subject, I referred to the closing of … Read More >>

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